Back to normal

So here we are – back to our “normal” format for our 3 Churches newsletter. Another sign that things are getting back to normal. There’s that word again – “normal”. Will anything ever be normal? What was normal anyway? And in any case do we want to go back to where we were before? Friends, these are all questions raised by the extraordinary times we have been living through these last few years. But our newsletter has endured – hooray!

The word ‘communication’ comes from the Latin for ‘one with’. It’s related to ‘communion’ and ‘community’. Through good communication we help create good community, leading hopefully to good communion with each other.

So good communication is important in the Church, and this came out strongly in our recent Synod consultation. There are many ways we can all help improve our communications. For example, if you submit something for this newsletter, remember to specify if it is for one of our churches or for all of them – it can be confusing otherwise. Don’t write too much, as people’s attention span isn’t very long – and Luke the editor might give you the chop!

As we go along we’ll be looking at different aspects of communication to build up the community of faith.

Fr Matthew