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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Against the background of pandemic and Ukraine among other things we may find it hard to greet one another with these words. But we must dig down into the roots of our faith that we celebrate on this Feast of the Resurrection. Deep down below the painful and the appalling, to reach the Good News planted in the depths of our human experience by the Jesus who burst out of the tomb on this day. May he shine his Easter light in all our lives so brightly that it shines out through our faces, our hearts, and our lives into our world. So… yes… Happy Easter!

Fr Matthew

Happy Easter

Dear friends and parishioners,

A very joyful and peace-filled Easter to you all! We have the added joy of welcoming the parish communities back to Mass – according to current restrictions of course! It is springtime, a season of new beginnings, new life.

Easter cross

May the season, the reopening, and most of all, the Risen Christ bring you and your loved ones a new spring in your step, a glint in your eyes, and a joy in your faith.

Happy Easter – and welcome back!

Fr Matthew

Service sheets for Holy Week 2021

As the 3 Churches Triduum services are live streamed only this year, the Liturgy Group considered that it would enable parishioners to participate more fully in the services if a service sheet, which included the words of hymns to be sung, was produced for each of the services of the Triduum.
You can download the service sheets for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil below:
After the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Maundy Thursday (8pm), the streaming camera will remain on for virtual watching until 10.30pm.
For the Good Friday liturgy you are asked to have a crucifix near at hand and also, if you are able, to send a prayer of intercession to Fr Matthew (matthew.jones@rcadc.org) before the day. These prayers will be read out by the priests during the time of Veneration of the Cross.

For the Easter Vigil you are asked to have a bowl of water and a candle to hand.
Please join in as much as you are able, then, although we are not together physically for Holy Week this year, we will be together in spirit.

Easter message from Fr Matthew

Corona Virus – Help a Parishioner If you are well and able to do so, please think about offering help to our older and more vulnerable parishioners who may need help and assistance during this uncertain time.  

Dear parishioners and friends of our 3 Churches:

The BBC phoned today to make sure I am still OK to do “Wednesday Word” this week. This radio “”god slot” always has to be about something relevant to life. But life is somewhat dominated by one thing at the moment, isn’t it? Anxious not to repeat what the previous few weeks contributors have said, the producer told me she’d send their scripts to me, so I wouldn’t repeat their words! But what can we say to bring Easter to bear on this situation?

Yes, today and throughout this week and season we are invited to celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We search in the gloom of a pandemic, in the problems of isolation, in the gasps of ventilators and tears of the bereaved for glimmers of light. Can we find light? As Christians we must give a resounding “yes”! Christ remains with us – yes! He is the light, he calls us to be the light – yes! Easter is not always a dazzling flash, it can be a gentle murmuring of Jesus in our hearts
“I am with you”, or a gentle word from us to another, over the phone – or Zoom, Skype, FaceView or a card – “I am with you.”

Dear friends – He IS with you, with us – Yes, do have a happy and peaceful Easter!

Fr Matthew