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The heart of the Trinity – an open door

Fr Matthew writes: This Trinity Sunday we celebrate the very nature of God. Among many other things, this feat reminds us that God is community as well as unity, dynamic not static. In a word, God is Love, and that love spills out over us and impels us. So Jesus commands us to love, not just because this is the heart of Christian life, but because when we love we are being and acting like God. In the next few weeks we remind ourselves about some of the activities in our 3 Churches that try to live this love in practical ways. This week – Edna Wharry tells us about “The Open Door”.

Following a meeting about our Parish Vision of reaching out to our local community, the idea of an “Open Door” social club was formed by members of our 3 Churches.

Led by Anne Rees, the group decided to invite senior citizens to a social afternoon event in Christ the King Hall. Although the organizers are faith led, the actual social is strictly non-denominational. Fliers were distributed to sheltered accommodation, local care homes and some residents in the neighbourhood.

The club has been successful and very enjoyable. Invited speakers talk about subjects such as libraries and Llanishen history. We hold activities such as passive exercises and listening to or singing with a visiting choir to which David Mclees belongs. We also enjoy occasional games of Bingo, and hold table-top “Bring and Buy” events. We are very lucky to have our own resident pianist, Sian O’Donnell, who plays lovely background music and also accompanies the odd sing song session! Peter Charles and Norbert Flynn also entertain us with amusing monologues from time to time.

Julie Mclees arranges lifts for those without transport, and I organize snacks and party food for our meetings. The afternoons are always happy, chatty times. We welcome new members – and new helpers – and are looking actively for new ideas to expand this Parish Vision initiative.

Edna Wharry St Brigid’s & St Paul’s Parish Council member