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Online parish offertory page launched

Dear parishioners and friends of our 3 Churches:

Even though we are not celebrating the Mass or other sacraments together, the life of the parish goes on, and we are always moving forward. You will know that I don’t often speak about money, so this is a reminder that like all homes and businesses, there are many expenses in running parishes. We are lucky to have very generous parishioners in our 3 Churches family, but it’s easy to let these thoughts slip from our minds. We’re very grateful to all who have forwarded their collection donations in various ways, and especially to those who have placed standing orders.

Now we are pleased to report that the diocese has created a way whereby gift aided donations can be made online to all parishes. The new ‘Online Parish Offertory’ webpage can be found at: www.rcadc.org/portfolio-item/parish-offertory or www.rcadc.org/donations. The instructions should be straightforward to follow, but let us know about difficulties. Donations can be one-off or repeated. The diocese will shortly be rolling out a programme of installing new ‘Donate Now’ buttons onto parish websites that can support them. Standing Orders are still the preferred option for those generous individuals who want to give ongoing support to their church during the lockdown.

Lastly, don’t keep it to yourself – let other parishioners know!

A reminder that I will be celebrating Mass for Corpus Christi Day this week at 10.30am live streamed via this website, 3churches.org or Youtube channel “frmhj”. We will also do this on Friday for the Feast of the Sacred Heart, the feast of God’s love, remembering especially those who are feeling the burdens of the present situation in particular ways and so are especially in need of that Divine Love. Why not join us…

Fr Matthew

The class of 2014

Exam results for the Class of 2014 at our Catholic High School, Corpus Christi, exceeded expectations this summer. David Cushion and Angela Thomas, previous and present acting Head Teachers, tell us that staff, parents and pupils are delighted.

While no pupil left the School without a recognised qualification, 99% gained at least 5 A* – G grades. Within them, 89% achieved at least 5 A* – C grades, including 77% with the “all important” English and Maths, and 73% including English, Maths and Science.

An unprecedented number achieved top grades in their GCSEs. 28 pupils gained at least 10 subjects at A*/A grade. One gained 11 A* – doing Music as an extra, and 6 pupils gained 10 A* grades, while 3 got 9 A* and 1 A. As mentioned, the school is particularly pleased with the 5 A* – C results that include English and Maths. These have risen again this year, from 57% in 2012 and 66% in 2013 to 77% this year. A* – C grades in general also have risen from 78% to 80% to 89%. This shows fantastic progress, which the School is, of course, determined to continue.

While academic results are far from being the only matter of importance in a Catholic school like Corpus Christi, with its motto “Together we are the Body of Christ”, we are, like all schools, obliged to do the best we can for our young parishioners in the academic as much as in the spiritual or any other area. We are just as pleased when visitors to Corpus Christi comment on the good behaviour, or the warm atmosphere found there.

So well done, year of 2014! At least one pupil from the new Year 11 has told me, with a resigned look, that the bar has now been set high. Well done year of 2014, and well done Corpus Christi!

Fr Matthew