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The season of Lent in our 3 churches

Please make sure that you read and absorb the special LENT FLYER that has all the details you need for Lent to help us all observe this important season.

This year we will follow the STATIONS OF THE CROSS live-streamed from St Brigid’s every Saturday commencing 20 February at 9.30 in place of Mass. We will pause at two or three Stations each week in a reflective way. Most of us “connect” with at least one of the Stations from our own experience of judging, or assisting, or keeping going etc – the great themes of the Stations.

This year we want to bring the Stations alive by listening to one another’s story. One of the organisers Ami Liddington writes: “Lent is fast approaching. We will be running Stations of the Cross every Saturday morning via live-streaming at St Brigid’s. We would love to receive life reflections from as many people as possible, across our 3 Churches. For more information and / or to volunteer a reflection, please contact Ami Liddington on

Fr Matthew

A celebration of unity and commitment

The Family Life Commission of the diocese would like to invite all couples whose wedding plans have been impacted by Covid-19, to join them for a Service of Unity and Commitment, along with other couples from across the Archdiocese of Cardiff on Saturday 13 February.

This is a special service for anyone who:

  • was due to get married in 2020 or 2021
  • has had their wedding day postponed, maybe more than once
  • had to change their wedding plans considerably
  • did get married, but the wedding could not be as originally planned

The service will be led by Father Matthew Jones as Priest Advisor to the Commission, and Deacon Christian Mahoney, and live-streamed from St Brigid’s via our webcam.

Though participation will be via live-stream only from 11am on Saturday 13 February, couples will be given the opportunity to play an active role in the liturgy.

For further details, download the Order of Service document

While this is primarily a service for the couples affected themselves, you are all welcome to tune in on Saturday to our webcam and join the Family Life Commission in praying for those couples whose married lives have not got off to the start everyone would hope for.


Returning to public mass in our churches

Dear parishioners and friends of our 3 Churches:

We are very happy to announce that later this week we will return to public mass in our churches. As you will see below, we will begin on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th with Mass at St Brigid’s at 9.30am, continuing at Christ the King Saturday 6pm and Sunday 9am, and then St Brigid’s Sunday 10.30am and 6pm.

  • at these Masses we will welcome all who wish to come up to the limit for each Mass. If the numbers require it, on future weekends we will operate some kind of “booking” system
  • however, remember that the Sunday Obligation is still lifted – you might want to consider coming on a different day to allow needy parishioners to come at their convenience
  • 10.30 Mass at St Brigid’s will continue to be live streamed for the foreseeable future
  • to comply with directives, there can be no mass sheets or hymn books, and various other restrictions to enable things to run smoothly – to this end please follow the stewards’ assistance – for example by not lingering in the buildings after mass
  • Stewards – obviously more stewards are needed for public mass,  please consider whether you can offer this service and contact Ansti at (St Brigid’s) or Marie at (Christ the King)
  • St Paul’s have also started the process of opening the church, so watch this space

It will be wonderful to be able to be back together again. We are very grateful to all those who have worked so hard to get us to this point. Well done!

Fr Matthew

Starting to reawaken…

Dear parishioners and friends of our 3 Churches

The Governors of Christ the King School are pleased to announce that Mrs Sue Miles has been appointed substantive (i.e. “full”) Headteacher of the school from September. She has been Acting Head and Head of School while Mrs Woodward’s position was resolved.

It was great this week to be able to welcome parishioners to St Brigid’s and Christ the King churches (see our newsletter). Slowly things are starting to reawaken aren’t they? I’ve heard several images for this in the media this week. On Gareth Malone’s programme a lad wrote a song about after the storm, and then on Radio 4 one morning they spoke of the sun appearing in the sky. So let’s all pray that the sun is coming out after the storm. We know that some speak of a new wave in the future, but the Lord teaches us that today has enough worries, and not to worry about the future. So – let’s stay safe, stay calm, stay with the Lord – and stay with one another, in whatever way you – we – can.

Fr Matthew

Prayer and charity

Dear parishioners and friends of our 3 Churches:

2 items of great news in two vital areas of Christianity – prayer and charity!

  1. Owing to the generous offer of time by parishioners as stewards, and the hard work of a few individuals, we are glad to announce that this week both St Brigid’s and Christ the King will be opening for private prayer. The times will be St Brigid’s Monday 10 – 11am and Thursday 6 – 7pm; Christ the King Tuesday 10 – 11am. Obviously this can be adjusted depending on “demand”. If you can volunteer to help as a steward then please send your name to Ansti Corellis (St B) at or Marie O’Brien (Christ the King) at We give thanks to the Lord for being able to return to at least two of our parish homes.
  2. Albert Gubay was the founder of the KwikSave chain, and was very generous to the Catholic Church. His foundation continues that work, and this year offered grants to Catholic parishes or groups working for the relief of the less well off in this present COVID-19 crisis. The decision making panel had £1M to distribute and received funding requests totalling £2.2M. They decided to award 28% of the funds requested by all applicants in the dioceses of Cardiff and Menevia. An application went in from our 3 Churches for and in partnership with our friends the local charity Rainbow of Hope. So we are very glad to announce that they have been awarded £1,400.

Fr Matthew