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Easing of Covid restrictions in St Brigid’s church

This weekend (Sunday 13 February) marks a significant step in the easing of Covid restrictions in St Brigid’s Church.

Some restrictions remain:

  • face masks must still be worn at all times
  • registering your attendance is still required (much simpler and quicker if you use the NHS app)
  • sanitising your hands on the way into church is still required
  • ventilation remains vital and so doors and windows must remain open throughout – on windy or cold days an extra layer may be needed


  • from this Sunday 13 February there will be less stewarding – please find your own seat whilst respecting the space of others
  • try to remain at least 1 metre from your neighbour – this will permit 3 individuals or two couples per pew
  • seats on the “Sacred Heart” side remain designated for those who wish to remain 2 metres from others
  • these pews can accommodate 2 individuals or 1 couple plus one individual

To receive Holy Communion, please approach the Eucharistic Minister in single file, just as we have been doing. When offering the consecrated host the minister will, once again, say, “The Body of Christ” to which you should reply, “Amen”, receive the host and return to your seat.

The use of hymn books returns. Please take a blue one and a black one on your way into church and return them as you leave. Those seated in the “Sacred Heart” side should leave their books in the side chapel as they leave.

Mass leaflets will, once again, be available as well as printed Parish Newsletters. Once used, please take them home with you. Do not leave them in the church.

When mass is ended, please leave the church in the way we have become used to. Try to maintain sufficient space from others and move away from the doors as quickly as possible and so avoid congestion inside the church.

Kneelers may now be used and Votive candles can now be lit.

Almost there…

We are looking to our Children’s “Bambinelli” events and our Carol Service this week.
Booking is necessary for any of our six Christmas Masses as follows:

*Please note that the church is now fully booked for Christmas Eve Mass at CTK though there are some seats available in the Parish Centre. There are still plenty of seats available for Christmas morning 9am Mass but these must be pre-booked.

Full details for our Advent and Christmas activities are on our 3 Churches Advent & Christmas Info Sheet.

Note there is no evening Mass on Thursday, Christmas Day or the Holy Family (Boxing Day).

Returning to public mass in our churches

Dear parishioners and friends of our 3 Churches:

We are very happy to announce that later this week we will return to public mass in our churches. As you will see below, we will begin on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th with Mass at St Brigid’s at 9.30am, continuing at Christ the King Saturday 6pm and Sunday 9am, and then St Brigid’s Sunday 10.30am and 6pm.

  • at these Masses we will welcome all who wish to come up to the limit for each Mass. If the numbers require it, on future weekends we will operate some kind of “booking” system
  • however, remember that the Sunday Obligation is still lifted – you might want to consider coming on a different day to allow needy parishioners to come at their convenience
  • 10.30 Mass at St Brigid’s will continue to be live streamed for the foreseeable future
  • to comply with directives, there can be no mass sheets or hymn books, and various other restrictions to enable things to run smoothly – to this end please follow the stewards’ assistance – for example by not lingering in the buildings after mass
  • Stewards – obviously more stewards are needed for public mass,  please consider whether you can offer this service and contact Ansti at (St Brigid’s) or Marie at (Christ the King)
  • St Paul’s have also started the process of opening the church, so watch this space

It will be wonderful to be able to be back together again. We are very grateful to all those who have worked so hard to get us to this point. Well done!

Fr Matthew