Bidding prayers for 1st Sunday of Lent (6 March 2022)

PRIEST:  As we begin our Lenten journey, we turn in prayer to God, our Father, asking for His help as we prepare to celebrate the Resurrection at Easter.

READER.  We pray for the Church, that she may be a sign of God’s light and goodness in our world and a beacon of hope for the suffering and vulnerable.

PAUSE   Lord, in your mercy       rsp.    Hear our prayer.

READER.  Let us pray for Pope Francis’ Intention namely that Christians facing new bioethical challenges, may continue to defend the dignity of all human life with prayer and action.

PAUSE:  Lord, in your mercy                    Hear our prayer.

READER. Today the Rite of Election takes place in the Cathedral. Let us pray for all those preparing to enter the Church at Easter, that they will continue to grow in Faith in the years ahead and become valued members of the Church community.

PAUSE:  Lord, in your mercy                   Hear our prayer.

READER 4.  We continue to pray for the people of   Ukraine in their time of great need.  May their tremendous courage and love for their country shown in their fight for democracy be rewarded by continuing support from the free world.

PAUSE:   Lord, in your mercy                  Hear our prayer.

READER.  Friday is Family Fast Day. Let us pray for the work of CAFOD in many of the poor countries of the world and give generously to the appeal next weekend.

PAUSE:    Lord, in your mercy                 Hear our prayer.

READER.   Let us pray for the sick, lonely and bereaved in our 3 churches that they may be given help and strength to persevere in their lives.

 PAUSE: your mercy                Hear our prayer.

READER.     We pray for the souls of those who have died recently, Pat McConnell and Ken Camilleri, whose funerals take place this week. Also, for Alan Jones husband of Denise and also for Frank Callus who has died this weekend. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families

PAUSE:   Lord, in your mercy                Hear our prayer.

We now ask Our Blessed Lady to make these intercessions her own as we say HAIL MARY……

In a few moments of quiet reflection, we bring our personal needs and requests to God, our Loving Father.


PRIEST:  Merciful Father, accept all our prayers and grant what is good for us so that we may come closer to you in this Lenten season. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen