Bidding prayers for 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (16 January 2022)

Priest: Father, We bring our needs to you with humility and love and ask you to hear us.

Reader: The response to Loving Father is …  Hear us

We pray for the Church throughout the world, that her message of love will be heard with reverence and acceptance. (Pause)

Loving Father…. Hear us

We pray for all the needy, the exile, the prisoner and those in slavery, that their voice will be heard by people of conscience. (Pause)

Loving Father….. Hear us

We pray for ourselves as we begin this new year, that The Spirit will aid us to be people who respond to all who need us. (Pause)

Loving Father…. Hear us

We pray for a the souls of the recently dead, that they will experience the happiness and peace of heaven. We pray especially for Christine Geen and Helen Meldrum who have died this week. (Pause) 

Loving Father… Hear us

We bring our personal needs to Our Father in silent prayer (Pause)

Loving Father….. Hear us

and turn to our loving Mother as we say….. Hail Mary…. 

Priest: Father, hear and answer these prayers which we have offered to you through Christ our Lord. Amen.