Christ the King

Our 3 Churches celebrate the Feast of Christ the King, the last Sunday of the Church’s liturgical year. It’s not been an easy year, for us as for everyone. Still coming out of Covid, we have all been hit by the effects of the situation in Ukraine and politics in our own country too.

So, against this background, what does this feast mean? The answer surely lies in asking ourselves another question – what kind of king was Jesus? A man of earthly power, of politics or of war? No, clearly not. A very different king emerges week by week as we watch and listen while the Gospel unfolds at Mass. He is at ease with everyone, has no earthly power, washes his followers’ feet, wears a crown of thorns and dies on a Cross.

What does it mean to you for Christ to be King? Here is a poem / prayer by Chris Thorpe from his 2019 book of liturgical ideas and prayers “Dancers and Wayfarers”

Christ the King,
You became poor that many might become rich; You emptied yourself of all power
That we might be empowered to choose.
You show us God’s kingdom in our midst
And invite us to kneel with you,
To humble ourselves, to serve those in need,
To find you here with us now.
As we gather in your name, fill us with your Spirit; Open our hearts to worship you,
Jesus the Servant King. Amen.

A happy feast day to our Christ the King community!

Fr Matthew