Christ the king bidding prayers, 18 November 2018

Priest: In today’s readings we are reminded of the inevitability of the Great Final Judgement   but we are also reminded of the Lord’s forgiveness and the comfort which he offers to us at all times. Accordingly, we bring our petitions to him with the confidence of well loved children  

Reader. Our response is “ Lord  hear and grant our prayers”

R. We pray for he Church throughout the world remembering especially those areas where to be a follower of Christ is to be in daily danger of death


R. We pray ……….”Lord , hear and grant our prayers”

R.Let us remember all who have perished in the Californian forest fires and all who have survived and now must try to re-build their lives  bereft of in many cases of loved ones who have been lost


R. We pray….”Lord hear and granr our prayers”

R.Let us pray for all who are engaged in the brexit negotations on our behalf. May the Lord guide them to a  settlement which is based in justice for all parties


R. we pray……”Lord  hear and grant our prayers”

R. As winter commences we rember those who are living on our streets and pray for the Lord’s protection for them a nd his guidance for all who work to relieve their plight         


R.  We pray……”Lord hear and grant our prayers”

R  We pray now for the deceased of our Three Churches and ask that  they may now rest in the Lord. We pray also for comfort for their grieving families and friends


R, We pray …….”Lord hear and grnt our prayers”

R. In the quiet of our hearts let us listen to the voice of our loving Father

                                    LONGER PAUSE

R.We ask Mary our Mother to join her prayer to ours saying HAIL MARY….etc 

Priest: Heavenly Father, hear and grant our petitions through Jesus Your Beloved Son who lives in glory with You and the Holy Spirit forever