Christ the King bidding prayers, 20 May 2018 (Pentecost Sunday)

PRIEST: My dear friends, after the weeks of Lent and Eastertide, we come with joy to celebrate the birthday of the Church, and to bring to our loving God our own needs and the needs of all the world.


Reader: The response is…renew us through your Holy Spirit.


We pray for the continuing conversion of the people of God.  May we become living

gospels in the world through the gifts freely given us by the Holy Spirit.

PAUSE       Merciful Father…


Let us pray that the many voices pleading for peace may lead to a change of heart

in those who promote wars, terror attacks and suffering in so many lands.

PAUSE       Merciful Father…




We pray for the people faced with natural disasters: drought, famine, flood and

earthquake; and for aid workers everywhere.

PAUSE       Merciful Father…




Let us pray for refugees, those displaced in their own country as well as those

forced to seek shelter elsewhere.

PAUSE       Merciful Father…



Let us pray for our children and young people, who recently received the gift of the

Holy Spirit in First Communion and Confirmation.  We pray for them and for their

families, that they may always be valued members of our parishes.

PAUSE             Merciful Father……


We pray for those who have died, that they may enjoy the happiness of God’s

Kingdom. We remember especially Joyce Jones, Mother of Rosemary Mathews

and Kazyk Baldy who have both died recently.

PAUSE       Merciful Father…


For a few moments, let us pray quietly in our own way… LONGER PAUSE (no response).


Mary, Mother of the Church, shared so much with her Son’s apostles.  Let us ask her to share our concerns, as we say…Hail Mary…



PRIEST: God of hope and mercy, we offer all these prayers through your Son, risen and ascended, and your Holy Spirit, who gives us life.  Amen.