Christ the King bidding prayers, 27 May 2018 (Trinity Sunday)

Note to Reader: Please PAUSE as directed between the Intention and the Response. Please read the response all the way through with the congregation especially where it is longer than usual

P.Today we celebrate the three aspects of Our Father’s character Father, Son and Holy Spirit remembering how they enrich all aspects of our lives. To enable us to live richer lives in the Lord we ask for His  assistance.


  1. Our response is” May Your love be upon us Lord”


  1. We pray for the Church in all its activities and ask the Lord’s blessing on all who work to spread the Gospel in a multitude ofways and languages

PAUSE ….May your love..etc


R Let us pray for all our young people as they prepare for important examinations.  We pray also that they may use the many new forms of communication now available to them wisely.


  1. Pause…..May your love…etc


  1. Let us pray for al the deceased of our community who have died recently remembering especially Ugo Carpanini,Kazyk Baldy and Sean Welch.We ask the Lord’s mercy for them and comfort and solace for their families and friends. At the same time we pray for those who lost their lives in the Grenfell Tower and Manchester Arena disastersaround a year ago

R    Pause…..May our love….etc


  1. We remember the plight of the homeless and starving in our affluent society May the Lord listen to their needs and support those those who work to help them.


R   Pause……May our love…etc



  1. In the quiet of our hearts let us listen to the voice of Our Father.


Longer Pause


  1. We ask Mary our Mother to pray with us saying …Hail Mary …etc


P Lord listen to our petitions and grant them through Jesus your beloved Son who lives in glory with you and the Holy Spirit forever.