Our church openings

Dear parishioners and friends of our 3 Churches,

Christ the King and St Brigid’s are now open for Mass. For your safety and reassurance we are, of course, complying fully with Church and civil requirements.

How many people can come?  The capacity of each church is limited by the 2 metre rule, and will depend upon whether parishioners attend as individuals or family groups. but it’s expected to be in the region of 60 – 90 for St Brigid’s, or 50-80 for Christ the King.

What about St Paul’s?  The process of preparing to open for worship has begun, and we will keep you posted. .

Sunday Obligation?  This is still lifted, so you can come to Mass any day, and might consider coming on a different day to allow needy parishioners to come at their convenience.

Why stewards?  We have well-prepared stewards for each Mass, to ensure social distancing is maintained and that the one way systems operating within the churches runs smoothly. It is very important that we all follow the stewards’ assistance – before Mass as we are helped to our seat, during Holy Communion, and leaving the church, eg not lingering inside the buildings. We respectfully request that you comply with all directions given by the stewards for the health and safety of all of us. More stewards are needed for Masses. Please consider whether you can offer this service and contact Ansti at anstic2018@yahoo.com (St Brigid’s) or Marie at llanishen@rcadc.org for Christ the King.

Is there still streamed Mass?  A new permanent camera will allow all Masses from St Brigid’s to be streamed. This can be reached on this page of our website. Note that the camera is on 24/7 and so you can pay a virtual visit at any time. After the 10.30 Mass you are invited to a “virtual coffee” Zoom # 8650173340 

Fr Matthew