Praying and growing

Have you had your usual meals during the last 24 hours? I bet you have… but have you had nourishment for your spirit and your mind too? Most of us would not think about missing our meals – or perhaps our favourite TV programme. If it’s important we make sure we do it, don’t we?. So how important is it to grow in spirit too?

Looking beyond our own personal prayer life, there are in fact a lot of opportunities to grow in faith through discussion and/or prayer or sharing in our 3 Churches. But not everyone is aware of them, and so it was thought a good idea to bring together info on them into one place.

This week then, as a follow-up to last week’s 3 Churches Information folder, you will be given another sheet listing most of those opportunities. It’s not exhaustive, not mentioning, for example seasonal things like Stations or the Lenten Discussion Groups. But it does give a good overall picture of what is available, and perhaps you have ideas for new initiatives? Let us know!

Fr Matthew

REFLECTION after Communion this weekend. Use it at home too…

God our loving Father,
rich in mercy, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love,
speak deeply to me today of your unconditional love and forgiveness. Help me to come to my senses;
repent of my wrongdoings;
turn back to you
and accept your complete forgiveness.
Give me a readiness to reflect your love and compassion in my everyday life; to be prepared to show mercy and forgiveness to others
and so become more like you.