Remembering grandparents

The schools have closed for the summer, and we have had our Confirmation celebration on Friday with Archbishop Mark O’Toole. We, the Church, are made up of all ages. “Care for the Family” will help us take a closer look at family life this Sunday. But there is a feast day this week which reminds us of another important group of people in our church family.

Tuesday is the feast of Saints Joachim and Anne – the parents of Our Lady and therefore the grandparents of Jesus. So let’s pause a moment to think, remember and honour our grandparents. Sadly, all four of my grandparents were dead before I was born, and so in a sense what you didn’t have you didn’t miss. But through Parish life and connecting with hundreds of families I have learned the enormously valuable part they play in so many ways.

So this week, spare a thought and of course a prayer, for your grandparents, whether you knew them or not. Then, of course many of you yourselves are grandparents, so be aware of how much we all value you. Pray for your grandchildren as they grow up in our changing and sometimes unsettling world. And remember to place them under the care of St Joachim and St Anne, the grandparents of Jesus.

Fr Matthew