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An update on our Synod action plan

In  October 2021, in preparation for the Worldwide Synod in Rome, we were invited to be part of the listening process by reflecting on our experiences and offering our thoughts about the church of the future.  We held meetings and collected written responses.  Early in 2022 we sent our conclusions to the Diocese whose report contributed to the national (Wales and England) report and to the continental (Europe) report.   

The first of two Synod sessions took place in October 2023 – the second takes place this October. The report of the first session entitled ‘ A Synodal Church in Mission’ speaks of  ‘A church which integrates communion, mission and participation’.  It describes a synodal church as characterised by praying, listening, speaking and discerning and as ‘Christians walking in communion with Christ towards the Kingdom, along with the whole of humanity’.

So how are we doing in light of this challenging agenda?  What have we done since we did our reports in March 2022?

The two Parish Advisory Councils met in October 2022.  We identified  three areas for action – outreach to our local community, catering for families and young people and communications. 

The Free Food Market was already running and there were plans for a Sustainable Clothes and Books Market and a weekly Welcome Space. All three are flourishing and the feedback from those who attend demonstrates we are building good and supportive links with the local community.  Quiz nights and the Winter film afternoons provide further social dimensions to this outreach.  We have also produced a leaflet about the 3 Churches for the occupants of new housing in the area and to share with friends, neighbours and visitors to our churches.

We have improved our links with families and after the disruption of the pandemic it is a joy to see them returning.  We have strengthened our ties with Christ the King Primary School ; we have Sunday morning children’s liturgies in St Paul’s and Christ the King; and monthly family Masses at Christ the King.  The sacramental programmes continue to flourish – there are 45 children preparing for First Communion and around 20 young people for Confirmation.  But we are still not catering for young people once they have been confirmed.  The Diocese is developing a youth service and we want to help our young people to participate in the activities they offer. 

As regards communications there has been a lot of activity.  The content and format of this  newsletter have been revised, the website is being updated, the 5th edition of the Grapevine magazine is about to be published, the 3 Churches Directory has been updated and we now stream services from St Brigid’s and Christ the King.  In this newsletter you will find information about establishing the register of 3 church members – a key request in the Synod sessions following  the difficulties of keeping in touch during the pandemic.  

We are making progress.  In the coming months with the establishment of the Deanery Pastoral Council we hope to offer our experience to other parishes and to learn from them about becoming a Synodal Church which listens and integrates communion, mission and participation.   If you have ideas for achieving this please make your voice heard. 


Elizabeth Taylor       Chair Christ the King Parish Advisory Council

Karen Sylvester       Chair St Brigid’s and St Paul’s Parish Advisory Council