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Change of Gift Aid Envelope Numbering (St Brigid’s and St Paul’s)

Dear Parishioners

As things get back to normal, the parish office is updating all records of donors for Gift Aid through Standing Order and through the envelopes.

In making it easier for accounts and auditing purposes, we wish to inform you that those who are using the Gift Aid envelopes should take note that the number which was given to you before will be changed.

The change is only for us to eliminate those who have transferred to the Standing Order option and those who are no longer with us during these past years.

Your name and details are still on our records in the parish as well as the Archdiocese. You do not have to worry as we are still keeping records of all changes in our data system.

If you wish to start donating through Standing Order which is a deduction through your bank account, please download, fill in this form and submit it to your bank accordingly. 

Thank you