Bidding prayers for 4th Sunday in Lent (27 March 2022)

Priest:  We come together as pilgrims on our Lenten journey, and we ask the Lord to hear our prayers for the world and for our community.

Reader: The response is;

Lord, graciously hear us

In these uncertain times we pray for those affected by war and famine: we think of the anxious parents of hungry children in North Africa, and the frightened families living in Ukraine.   … … … pause …

Lord hear us

Here at home we pray for our young people who have had a difficult time through the pandemic. May they grow in confidence recognising how much they are valued by society and by the church, and may they generously play their part   … … … pause …

Lord hear us

And we pray for Ceris Dartnell and Adam Williams who were married today / yesterday in Christ the King.  May their lives be filled with joy and peace…… pause

Lord hear us

We remember Frank Callus whose funeral will take place this week.  Frank was a long standing and loved member of our parish.  He contributed so much to the life of the Parish; and to the lives of young people in the area through his role as a teacher.  May he rest in peace, and may Molly and his family be comforted.  … pause

Lord hear us

In silence let us ask God for our needs and the needs of our friends and families………… ………..long pause……………. 

Lord hear us 

We ask Mary, the other of our Lord, to join her prayers to ours saying;

Hail Mary………….

Priest:  We have put our petitions before the Lord. Let us remember that he is with us and will support us as we go about our daily lives.  We ask this through Jesus Your Son who lives in glory with you and the Holy Spirit forever.