Cardiff Council are intending to put an “electronic gate” i.e. cameras on Crystal Glen between St Brigid’s and Fishguard Road to prevent all through traffic 24/7 except residents with permits. This is in response to residents’ concern about “rat run” traffic especially rush hour. While we sympathise with such concerns, this would have a serious effect on vehicles coming to or from St Brigid’s in the north direction via Fishguard Road. The cameras will capture all number plates, and anyone without a resident’s pass will be automatically fined. All services in the church and events in the Hall, plus callers at the Presbytery, would be effected, and most of all those coming for Sunday Mass, Baptisms, Weddings and funerals. We believe there are other options such as timing on the cameras limiting it to weekdays and rush hours.

The Parish Council and I have already responded in a residents’ consultation, now there is a public one. The deadline is 1st April! Access to the consultation is online via either of the routes below. PLEASE TAKE PART IN THIS CONSULTATION! EITHER via > English > (top menu) Resident > Parking, Roads and Travel > (all parking roads and travel menu) Transport Projects > Consultations > Current consultations > Fishguard Road OR a direct link to the survey

Fr Matthew