Refugee crisis

Dear All

Various people have expressed the wish that as a church community we should do what we can to help address the refugee crisis.  Today and tomorrow (Saturday and Sunday 5/6 Sept)  in the notices at masses at Christ the King there will be information about prayer services on the next two Friday’s and of the opportunity to contribute items for a collection being organised by St David’s College.  The content of the announcements is given below.  Please pass on the information to anyone you think might be interested – maybe in particular those who go to St Brigid’s and St Paul’s could pass the word on to others in those congregations.

Thank you
Elizabeth Taylor

Refugee Crisis

You will be very aware from all the news reports of the current refugee crisis. There will be an opportunity to focus that concern in short prayer services at Christ the King this Friday and the following Friday at 5.45pm immediately before the half hour candle-lit prayer time at 6pm. If you can, please come along at 5.45 to join in prayer for the refugees and for resolution of the conflicts which have led them to flee their homes.

There are also practical ways to help. St David’s College is collecting items to send to the agencies helping the refugees. There are notices in the porch about what is needed. If you are able to donate any items please put them in the boxes in the porch before next Thursday evening  so that they can be taken to the College.

Finally the British Red Cross and Oxfam are accepting donations for the relief work. You can find details on line or in the media.

Items  requested  for the St David’s College collection are:

  • CLEAN men’s clothes – small to medium size and warm, clean & durable
  • Men’s trainers & wellies
  • Sleeping bags (preferably good quality & durable)
  • Tents
  • Space blankets/emergency foil blankets
  • Baby slings
  • Children’s clothes