Starting to reawaken…

Dear parishioners and friends of our 3 Churches

The Governors of Christ the King School are pleased to announce that Mrs Sue Miles has been appointed substantive (i.e. “full”) Headteacher of the school from September. She has been Acting Head and Head of School while Mrs Woodward’s position was resolved.

It was great this week to be able to welcome parishioners to St Brigid’s and Christ the King churches (see our newsletter). Slowly things are starting to reawaken aren’t they? I’ve heard several images for this in the media this week. On Gareth Malone’s programme a lad wrote a song about after the storm, and then on Radio 4 one morning they spoke of the sun appearing in the sky. So let’s all pray that the sun is coming out after the storm. We know that some speak of a new wave in the future, but the Lord teaches us that today has enough worries, and not to worry about the future. So – let’s stay safe, stay calm, stay with the Lord – and stay with one another, in whatever way you – we – can.

Fr Matthew